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One Second Opportunities

We are a month into school and I am reflecting on the academic reading I did over the summer.  I continue to challenge myself to grow as a leader and have found reading to be a great tool for gaining insight.  By doing that, I am hopeful that I can successfully lead River Bend on the ever-evolving path of providing service to meet our member districts' needs.

I was reading a book entitled Lead Simply and the following paragraph struck me:

"How many 1-second opportunities do you have each day? 
1-second opportunities to model the behaviors you want to see.
1-second opportunities where you choose to make a personal connection.
1-second opportunities where you help someone be more involved.
1-second opportunities where you send everything in the right direction".

This one little paragraph really provides a road map to an effective and positive school climate.  It is my goal to demonstrate as many "1-second opportunities" that I can squeeze into each day and I am hopeful others will do the same.  That one opportunity may be just the thing that leads to success.  

Now....let's get to work!

Erin Toninato, Education District Director

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Special Education Director proudly serving the needs of our member districts: Butterfield, St. James, Madelia, Sleepy Eye, New Ulm, GFW, Sibley East, Lafayette Charter School, Green Isle Community School

"To love what you do and feel that it can anything be more fun"?


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